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Flowcine Puppeteer (1-Axis)

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Flowcine Puppeteer (1-Axis)

The Flowcine Puppeteer for Helix is an accessory designed to allow a Letus Helix motorized gimbal stabilizer to be used with an EasyRig Cinema 3 or EasyRig Gimbal Rig to make a full 5-axis stabilization system. It is mounted on the Helix’s 4th axis mount and aligned along the roll axis to prevent rotational vibration and allow easy tilt and roll control. The Puppeteer also works with 3-axis gimbals such as a Freely MoVI or a DJI Ronin. When used with these gimbals, it is mounted on the bevel axis and corrects rotational errors. It also makes tilting easier in follow mode as the string force is removed from the easyrig line.