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Flowcine Puppeteer (2-Axis)

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Flowcine Puppeteer (2-Axis)

The 2-axis Puppeteer system from Flowcine was developed to support a motorized hand gimbal from an EasyRig system and enables smooth and vibration-free operation. This eliminates unwanted movements of the tilt and roll axis caused by the EasyRig cable when walking or running. By disconnecting the motorized gimbal from the cable, you can tilt it slightly even when shooting in Follow mode or Majestic mode without having to struggle against the tension of the EasyRig cable. When the 2-axis Puppeteer is combined with the top handle or the handlebar grips, it is also compatible with the Freefly MoVI, DJI Ronin and similar models.

Note: The 2-axis Puppeteer is not compatible with the Letus Helix.