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Neewer 660 RGB Pack

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This 660 RGB LED 3 Light Stand Kit from Neewer consists of three 660 RGB light panels each with barndoors, a diffuser and a 2 meter tall light stand. A carrying case is included for storage and transportation of the kit.

The Neewer 660 RGB is a versatile light source measuring 22,9 x 20,3 x 5,1 cm. It features two color modes, light intensity control, and power options. The panel has a wide beam spread that can be controlled by pivoting one or more barnacle leaves into the beam path for selective illumination.


  • 3x 660 RGB LED video lights
  • 3x diffusers, 3x 2m light stands
  • 3x power supplies, 3x power cords
  • smartphone control

Package List

  • 3x Neewer 660 RGB panels
  • 3x tripods
  • 2x soft boxes
  • 6x NP-F batteries
  • NP-F charger
  • carry bag