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Zoom H1 Recorder

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The ultra-compact H1 Handy Recorder gives the term “portability” a new meaning. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and offers professional-quality stereo recording at an incredibly affordable price. Take it with you wherever you go – live concerts and band rehearsals, video recordings, lectures and meetings – or use it to capture your musical ideas when inspiration comes.

X / Y recording made easy

The X / Y technology offers a great opportunity to cover a wide area and at the same time to capture the sound sources in the middle clearly and in a defined manner. This makes it perfect for all types of live stereo recordings.

The built-in X / Y microphone of the H1 offers two coordinated unidirectional microphones that are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. This is optimal for most stereo recording applications.

Alternatively, you can connect a pair of external microphones or a line-level signal to the mini phone jack Mic / Line Input of the H1 for X / Y or other types of stereo recordings.

The pros and cons

The Zoom H1 recorder microphone / line input is a stereo mini telephone socket that can accept two microphone and / or line level signals. Condenser microphones that require a plug-in power (2.5 volts) can be connected to this socket.

The Zoom H1 recorder Line / Headphones Output is a stereo telephone socket with a special volume control. Headphones can be connected here for private monitoring. There is also a built-in loudspeaker on the back for fast, monophonic monitoring of the recorded signal without the need to make connections.

The USB port on the Zoom H1 recorder provides a digital output for the stereo mix and allows data to be sent both to and from your computer. From there it can be imported into editing software such as the included WaveLab LE. The H1 can also be used as a 2-in / 2-out audio interface and USB microphone, as well as a microSD card reader.

Auto level and low cut filter

The Auto Level function of the H1 automatically adjusts the input gain to prevent overloading and distortion. Alternatively, the input level can be adjusted manually.
The H1 also features a built-in low cut filter to help eliminate pops, wind noise, bubbles, and other types of low-frequency rumble.


  • Built-in 90˚ X / Y stereo microphone
  • Stereo ⅛ “mini telephone socket with microphone / line input and power supply (2.5 V)
  • Stereo ⅛ “phone / line output socket with dedicated volume control
  • Built-in reference speaker for quick monitoring
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Records directly to microSD and microSDHC cards up to 32 GB
  • Supports up to 24-bit / 96 kHz audio in BWF-compatible WAV or a variety of MP3 formats
  • Auto Level for automatic control of the input level
  • Low-cut filters to remove wind noise and other types of low-frequency rumble
  • Up to 99 marks per recording
  • USB connection for data transfer to the computer and for use as an audio interface and USB microphone
  • SD card reader function
  • Is mounted directly on the tripod or microphone stand, or on the DSLR with an optional adapter
  • Only runs on 1 standard AA alkaline or NiMH battery
  • Up to 10 hours of use on a single AA alkaline battery